The Pluralistic Bridge for Conversion

Payment Options

  • What Payment Means

    Payment of our administration fee means that you are contributing to the functioning of our Bet Din.

  • Payment Deadlines

    • Certificates will not be released until all fees that are due have been paid.
    • If you are paying in advance for one or both fees, please allow 48 hours for our office to inform the Mikveh staff that payment has been received. (I.e., if you pay online within 48 hours of your session, you should bring along your receipt in order to receive your certificates on the same day.)
    • Payment of our administration fee is due 7 days in advance of your session. However, there is no penalty for making your payment thereafter. You may bring your payment to your session. This is meant as a convenience to you.
    • Payment of the mikveh fee is expected at the time of service. See also the Refund Policy, below.
  • Refund Policy

    No refund of our administration fee is available within 7 days of your scheduled Bet Din session. (Reason: Nearly all of our staff’s effort on your behalf has already been expended by that point.)


    Likewise, the AJU Community Mikveh assesses a fee of $50 if you cancel your appointment less than 7 days in advance. An exception may be made in unforeseeable circumstances such as unusual menstruation or a sudden death in the family. (Reason: Late cancellations make it unlikely that someone else can take your slot, which leaves the Mikveh underutilized.)

  • Fee Adjustments

    If the payment of our standard fees would be a financial hardship for you, please inform your sponsoring rabbi, who will contact us on your behalf to discuss alternative arrangements.

Pay Both Fees Now

Our Bet Din office can collect your payment of the mikveh fee. We do so on behalf of the AJU Community Mikveh (shown above). This is meant as a convenience to you. (Alternatively, the mikveh fee may be paid at the time of service via cash, check, or credit/debit card.)

Pay Our Administration Fee

Click this button not only for online payment, but also for info about paying by check for our fee. Use this option if your t’vilah (immersion) will take place in another body of water than the AJU Mikveh.

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