The Pluralistic Bridge for Conversion

Pay Both Fees Now


the Sandra Caplan Community Bet Din

and the AJU Mikveh

The standard administration fee for a conversion under our auspices is $180. (Effective 1/1/18: $190.) (A portion of this amount is used to offset the cost for candidates in need who request assistance.) Payment is expected by the time that you meet with our Bet Din panel.


The Mikveh at the American Jewish University (AJU) assesses a usage fee of $125 for conversions.



• Via Credit Card or Debit Card, or from Your PayPal Account

This button is pre-set for a $305 total for both fees. (You do not need a PayPal account in order to use it. Financing is available, subject to credit approval.)




• From Your Bank Account (via ACH transfer)

Please click on this button to enter your payment information:




Bring your payment receipt with you to the session.

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